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Terms of service bezviz.by

valid from 09.11.2019

Section 1. General Section.

1.1) These rules are drawn up based on the law of Poland July 18, 2002 about the services over electronic communications systems.
1.2) The following terms are used in regulations:
a) R.B.WEB - company Raman Bantser WEB with address 15-446 Bialystok, ul.Aleja Pilsudskiego, 26/7, taxpayer data NIP 5423241280, REGON 360244810,
b) The buyer - a person using the seller's service,
c) Service - sale of visa-free documents to visit cities Grodno, Brest and part of their district in Belarus,
d) Purchase Agreement - the contract concluded between the Seller and the Buyer in momet when the buyer pays the Order; on the basis of the contract the seller is obliged to send to the Buyer visa-free documents in electronic form to visit Belarus.
e) visa-free document (or Pass) - a document entitling the buyer to enter Belarus without having a Belarusian visa in the specifically chosen time.
f) Internet sales of passes - a system that allows buyers to purchase visa-free documents for Belarus for a specific period of time and to get this visa-free documents electronically on buyer address e-mail. Service runs under the Internet address bezviz.by
g) The working day - day of the week from Monday to Friday excluding holidays in Belarus.

Section 2. Purchase

2.1) Visa-free documents to Belarus are issued by travel agencies in Belarus.
2.2) Service allows you to buy a visa-free documents through the Internet in electronic form.
2.3) The document entitling to visa-free entry to Belarus is issued free of charge on the basis of tourist services purchased in the Service
2.4) To obtain visa-free documents the Buyers must provide their data via a special form on the Service.
a) Data required from the Buyer written in machine readable zone in the passport on a photo page:
  • Surname
  • Name
  • Middle Name, if there is one in the passport
  • Birthday - Year, Month, Day.
  • Gender - male or female
  • Passport Number
  • Citizenship
b) Other information required from Buyer:
  • Period of trip to Belarus - Buyer must specify a period of maximum 15 days when he will go to Belarus without a visa.
  • E-mail - to this address will be sent visa-free documents.
  • For order with stay in Belarus longer than 1 day, it is required to provide information about accommodation in Belarus. The customer is required to have confirmation of the reservation of this accommodation or contact phones of persons with whom he plans to stay in Belarus.
  • For order with stay in Belarus longer than 10 day, if the buyer need help with registration in Migration Service in Belarus: the buyer must send to Service confirmation of accommodation in Belarus and copy of buyer's passport.
  • For group order with trip to all Western Belarus, the buyer need to choose entry point to Belarus and departure point from Belarus.
c) Tourist services in Belarus:
  • The buyer must choose tourist services from the Website's offer. Tourist services selected on the Service website together must constitute a tourism event according to Belarusian law: the order must include ride inside Belarus and at least one paid additional tourism attraction in Belarus. For order with stay in Belarus up to 10 days it is anough to have 1 additional attraction; stay more than 10 days with Service help in Migration Service: 2 additional attractions are needed. For trip to all Western Belarus with stay up to 10 days - buyer must select 3 additional attraction; if stay more than 10 days with Service help in Migration Service - 4 additional attractions are needed
  • The buyer should choose one variant of health insurance in Belarus from the services presented in the offer
2.5) Placing an order for visa-free departure is possible for the next 30 days, but not earlier than 24 hours before the planned entry to Belarus.
2.6) Service will fail if not all of the data listed in 2.4 will be send by the Buyer.
2.7) The seller accepts payment online by credit or debit cards, Paypal and bank wire only in Polish bank account.
2.8) At the moment when the buyer pays for the order, automatically it means his agreement to these Terms of Service.
2.9) After concluding the Agreement for the client, the Service issues a visa-free travel document, insurance in Belarus, tourist coupons confirming the purchase of services by the client in Belarus.

Section 3. Order execution.

3.1) The time of the order execution means the time from the date of payment made by the Buyer until the Seller will send the Pass on e-mail address of the Buyer.
3.1) Orders paid online are executed immediately. The permit will be delivered to the Buyer email within 1-5 minutes.
3.2) Orders paid by bank transfer will be made within one hour from the time of booking payment on the account. Transfer to a bank account may take up to 5 working days.

Section 4. Changing data.

4.1) Changing any data in the buyer order is possible only when visa-free trip to Belarus is not started yet. Visa-free trip to Belarus is starting at 00:00 on belarussian time at first day shown in buyer order.
4.2) To change the data the Buyer must write to the Seller in contact form on pages https://bezviz.by/en/grodno/ or https://bezviz.by/en/brest/.
4.3) Change of Buyer data in other cases than described in 4.1 is not possible.

Section 5. Responsibilities of the Seller.

5.1) Seller shall send to the Belarus in order to provide The Border Guard information about travelers who will come without a visa to Belarus.
5.2) The seller must control the correctness of the transmitted to Belarus information and monitor the process of creating a Pass in Belarus.
5.3) Seller shall immediately contact the buyer in case of refusal of entry for him to Belarus and return the money.

Section 6. Responsibilities of the Buyer.

6.1) Before placing a order the buyer must make sure that his passport is suitable for trips abroad.
6.2) The buyer is obliged to provide correct data from passport and contact details when placing an order in the Service.

Section 7. Electronic payments.

7.1) Payment for a Pass can be made using online bank card paymenr or Paypal system.
7.2) Bank card payment served by eCard S.A.
Available cards: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic, Maestro

Section 8. Complaints.

8.1) Only the Buyer can make a complaint to the Service in writing way to the address of the Service. Complaints filed by other persons will not be considered.
8.2) Complaints about the services can be provided in any time.
8.3) All complaints are dealt within 14 working days from the date of receipt by the Seller of a written complaint, except for the days when the complaints will require clarification of details complaints by the Buyer.

Section 9. Refusal from Service.

9.1) Refuse from the Service is available at least day before trip. The last chance to refuse from the order is inform Service till 23:59 in belarusain time before the start day in visa-free trip to Belarus shown in buyer order.
9.2) In case og refusal of service Buyer must write to the Seller in contact form on the main page of the Service.
9.3) The Seller within 5 working days return the money spent by the Buyer on the services minus 20%
9.4) Refund will come in the payment card account with the help of which was produced the order.
9.5) Refund for payment made by bank wire will occurs as agreed between the Seller and the Buyer.
9.6) Refund for order paid by Paypal will be made to the paypal account of buyer.
9.7) Refuse from the Serice in any other case is not give the right to a refund.

Section 10. The refusal of the Border Guards of Belarus.

10.1) Seller returns 100% of the money received from the buyer, if the Border Guards of Belarus refused visa-free entry to Belarus for the buyers in the selected dates, only if such a refusal will be done before the first day of visa-free travel.
10.2) Seller shall notify the Buyer about refusal entry to Belarus by a telephone, or when there is no phone contact in an email.
10.3) Refund will come in the payment card account with the help of which was produced the order.
10.4) Refund for payment made by bank wire will occurs as agreed between the Seller and the Buyer.
10.5) Refund for order paid by Paypal will be made to the paypal account of buyer.

Section 11. Personal Data Security Policy.

11.1) Pursuant to Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of personal data (hereinafter: GDPR), we provide protection of all personal data that have been obtained as a result of conducting business and the execution of your orders on our website.
11.2) The Seller warrants that the personal information of the buyer will be processed solely for the purposes of the contract.
11.3) Seller exclusively for the purpose of performance of the Agreement will transfer personal data of the Customer to the tourist agency "Студия Отдыха" in Belarus, which transmits this data to the Border Guards to Belarus and in order to conclude an insurance contract in Belarus, the Customer's data is transferred to the company "TU Europa" in Poland.
11.4) The customer has the right to limit the processing of his data or object to the processing of data, or to limit their processing, but in such cases the contract with the customer can not be concluded. After conclusion the Agreement, the Customer has the right to be forgotten, i.e. requests from R.B.WEB to delete personal data in accordance with the law
11.5) The Seller will not provide customer information to third parties except listed in 11.3 cases.

Section 12. Visa-free tour rules in Belarus.

12.1) the buyer can stay without a visa only in the period indicated in the Agreement.
12.2) for the border crossing the buyer must have with him a valid passport, medical insurance, visa-free document and money,
12.3) entry and exit across the border is allowed only once in any of the days specified in the Treaty as a period of visa-free travel,
12.4) to cross the border without a visa can be by car, bus at car checkpoints Raigardos (LT) - Privalka (BY). Kuznica (PL) - Bruzgi (BY), Terespol (Poland) - Brest (Belarus), Slavatichi (Poland) - Domachevo (Belarus), Polovtsi (Poland) - Peschatka (Belarus), Bobrowniki (Poland) -Berestowica (Belarus), Beniakoni (Belarus) - Salcininkaj (Lithuania), or during the period from May 1st till October 1st is allowed to pass through the Augustow Canal border checkpoints Rudawka (PL) - Lesnaja (LT) by walk, bycicle or by water and in Privalka (BY) - Švendubre (LT) only by water, also by train from Poland at the railway station in Brest or in Grodno, by plane at the airport of Brest or Grodno, on foot in Belovezhskaya Pushcha the checkpoint Pererov (Belarus) - Belovezha (Poland) and also by bycicle at car checkpoints Raigardos (LT) - Privalka (BY) and Kuznica (PL) - Bruzgi (BY),
12.5) visa-free travel is available around city Grodno, Brest, Zhabinka, Kamenetz, Pruzhany, Svisloch, Berestowica, Wolkowysk, Szczuczyn, Lida, Woronowo,
12.6) visa-free travel for group including at least 2 person is open around all Grodno and Brest regions, only when buyer has for such trip special visa-free document,
12.7) At the moment of entrance to Belarus a tourist should have 22 euro on each day of stay in any currencies.
12.8) Entry without a visa is only possible with a tourist purpose,
12.9) It is prohibited to travel beyond the borders of visa-free regions to Belarus,
12.10) Violation of visa-free stay is punishable: fine up to 1850 BYN, warning or deportation.
12.11) If it is impossible to provide a quality service for organizing a trip to Belarus, R.B.WEB may refuse to provide services to the Client. In this case, the buyer will be notified via contact information from the Agreement at least 36 hours before the scheduled visa-free travel, and the total amount spent on the order will be returned to the buyer within 5 working days.