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Privacy Policy bezviz.by

valid from 01.11.2016

Section 1. General information.

1.1) Service bezviz.by serves Raman Bantser WEB address 15-446 Białystok, ul.Aleja Piłsudskiego 26/7, NIP 5423241280, REGON 360244810.
1.2) Service collects information about users in the following ways:
  • a) By a customer information filled in a special form on the website,
  • b) By conducting technical server logs,
  • c) By using a third-party Internet service analysis of site visitors.

Section 2. The information in the forms.

2.1) Service collects information filled by the user voluntarily in the special form.
2.2) The service can record also information about the IP-address and the operation time.
2.3) The data submitted through the form can act as a potential customers data.
2.4) The data from customers are transferred to the travel companies in Belarus and Border Committee of Belarus to preparing the pass for the customers.
2.5) The data from the form to anyone else other than 2.4 are not sent.

Section 3. Logs server.

3.1) Some user activity information is logged and stored on the server. Such data is used only for the purpose of technical administration of the service and are impersonal, without names, names, and other user data accurate.
3.2) Logged inforrmation:
  • - Date and time of the request,
  • - The name of the client computer - the identifier transmitted via the HTTP protocol,
  • - Errors information,
  • - URL address of the page from which the user came - if it came from another site,
  • - Information about the user's browser,
  • - IP-address of the visitor.

Section 4. Collecting data through third-party online services.

4.1) Service uses Google Analytics and LiveInternet to collect data about visitors of the site.
4.2) The data are not associated with any particular user.
4.3) The data used for the administration of the Service.

Section 5. Information about cookies.

5.1) Service does not use cookies.

Section 6. Provision of data.

6.1) The data collected by the Service is transmitted only in a legally-designated legal cases.
6.2) The data that allow to identify a specific user, issued only with the consent of that person.
6.3) The service can provide data and person identification in cases of admission to appropriate legally relevant queries from the competent authorities.