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Visa-free Minsk

To Belarus by plane without a visa

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko at the Belarusian flag background

You can fly to Minsk without a visa

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko signed Decree № 8, which allows to enter without a visa through the airport in Minsk.


What You Should Know

Visa-free conditions

Visa-free region

Without a visa you can visit Minsk and any city in Belarus.

Border crossing rules

The traveler must arrive and depart through the airport in Minsk (except for travels to/from Russia)

Allowed period

Without a visa in Belarus, you can stay up to 30 days, counting the day of arrival and departure.

A journey lasting longer than 10 days requires mandatory registration in the police.
does not apply to residents of Baltic states and those who lives in hotels or hostels

Who can use

Citizens of 80 countries can use visa-free travel.

Must have for Minsk

Documents required for entry without a visa to Belarus

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Identity document, valid for travel for 3 months beyond the holder’s come.

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Each tourist must have for everyday of the trip minimum in any currency ~22

Airplan image

Airplane ticket

You can fly without a return ticket, but you must leave Belarus through the same airport and you cannot fly to Russia.

Plan your trip

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Time in Belarus

Exchange in Belarus

1 BYN = 0.29 = 1.27 pln