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Prison in the monastery

Unusual Grodno

Farny Church in Grodno is not only a popular place in the city center for tourists and worshipers. Next to the church in the 18th century Jesuit College was built, but after Grodno came into the part of Russian Empire in the 19th century the premises were used as a prison.

This is the only prison in Hrodna. In this prison serving a sentence painter and composer Napoleon Orda, who was in prison for participating in the uprising 1830-1831 years. In prison he wrote most of the engravings with views of Grodno.

The prison is located in a former convent and creates a lot of legends, deny that no one can. One of them: the numerous tunnels constructed by the monks allowed to build under the ground workshops where prisoners work today. Workshops these are directly under the central Soviet square.

Hi! This is Grodno - the first visa free City in Belarus.