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Is the road to Grodno and the Augustow Canal a toll road?

Grodno is Visa Free and Road Toll Free!

* There are paid roads in Belarus, but roads to Grodno and Augustow Canal in the visa-free region from Poland and Lithuania are free of charge.

Road M6 to Minsk and airport near Grodno in visa-free region is a toll road.
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Only 17 km from the country border!

The Road from Poland

You must drive to Grodno through the road M6.
3 km from the border you will see the road sign: Toll road M-6 starts after 400 meters
Just behind it you have to turn off the M6 to get to Grodno (Hrodna).

Toll road M-6 starts after 400 meters

Next, stay on the main road and you will go through the Korobczyce to Grodno.

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Less than 25 km from the country border!

The road from Lithuania

Grodno and Lithuania are connected by road P-42. It is free road.
All the time, go on the main route and you will easily get to the place.

Parking in Grodno and the Augustow Canal

There is no parking meters in the visa-free region
You can park for free almost anywhere, even in the city center.
Of course, leave your transport only in authorized places.
All road signs in Belarus are similar to those you have in your home country.

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