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Limits on imports into the European Union.

What can you bring from Belarus by land transport for personal use

5 - kg fresh fruits and 5 kg fresh vegetables
5 - small packages of drugs
50 - pcs. of reproductive materials or cut flowers
100% full tank of fuel + 10 litres in a portable can
only for adults from 18 years 1 litre exceeding 22 % + 4 litres of still wines + 16 litres of beer
2 litres of alcohol less than 22%

Belarus has its own limit: it is allowed to export a maximum of 3 liters of any alcohol from Belarus. Exceeding is fined.

only for adults from 18 years 🚬 40 units, cigarettes
🚬 20 units, cigarillos (cigars of a maximum weight of 3 grams each)
🚬 10 units, cigars
🚬 50 g, smoking tobacco
Is prohibited import into EU animal products (meat, milk) and vegetables, seeds, flowers, fruits
In the case of exceeding the standards, the tourist will have to pay duties on imports of these products into the European Union.

In the baggage tourist could have personal belongings (eg. camera, laptop, tablet)