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What do I need to enter Belarus by car

If you do not have a Belarusian visa in your passport, please check
Visa-free entry to Belarus

Documents for the car

We now have everything on computers and phones, virtual and electronic, but it is necessary to have paper (tangible) vehicle documents when going to Belarus.

Car insurance "green card"

You have a choice:

  1. Receive PDF and print. You can get a PDF from your insurer and print it yourself on a black and white document.
  2. Buy at the border. An insurance agent works 24 hours a day at the border crossing in Belarus.

Customs declaration

The driver must declare the car to the Belarusian Customs Service, the driver must complete TWO forms of the same customs Declaration. First Declaration form will be left in the customs. The second form of the Declaration will remains with the driver and should be present to belarusian customs at the return way.

Customs declaration online ebord.by

Despite the electronic application (you will receive a registration number and a PDF declaration), you must have a printed declaration.

Payment for entering Belarus

Upon entering Belarus, the driver must pay a crossing fee. The fee is fixed and does not depend on the number of people in the car. Price 3 BYN (~1 )

Vehicle is owned by the company

If you have a car registered for a company, e.g. under leasing, the company must give a written consent to the vehicle to travel outside the EU. You do not need to translate it into Belarusian / Russian as it is only needed for the Border Guard on the EU side.

Warning triangle, first aid kit, fire extinguisher

According to the road law, these things must be in a car that travels on the roads of Belarus.

Toll roads in Belarus

If you plan to use the toll roads, after crossing the border, go to the Beltoll office which serves the toll roads. Beltoll Customer Service is immediately after crossing the border, just at the first petrol station in Belarus.

Map of toll roads in Belarus

Does not apply to motorcycles