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Example of vehicle declaration form in Belarus

At the entrance to Belarus, the driver must complete TWO forms of the same customs Declaration.

First Declaration form will be left in the customs. The second form of the Declaration will remains with the driver and should be present to belarusian customs at the return way.

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Front side Example of vehicle declaration form in Belarus
Back side Example of vehicle declaration form in Belarus Back side

Example of vehicle declaration form in Belarus:
German tourist Ben(name) Schmidth(surname) with passport C10V23LZ is crossing the border from Poland to Belarus on 31th of March, 2017.
In the car, no children under 16 years. (there are children in the car?) In the car, there are two child under 16 years (do not have children in the car?).
Tourist drives the car Seat, model Toledo, year of manufacturing 2014. The vehicle has a registration number ERA55H and VIN number VSSZZZ6LZ4R123456. Engine displacement 1600 сm3. The Driver is declaring that, the price of the car is 7 000 euro.

The example describe a situation, when tourist declares only vehicle.
Passenger customs declaration *

* A driver should fill page 1 and 2.

Must be filled out in english, belarusian or russian language.
Declaration in english - only for review

Tourists who travel by a own transport must cross the Belarusian border through the "red" customs channel, in both way when entering and leaving Belarus.