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Belarus border rules for visa-free entrance

Belarus border rules
when you need to fill out a customs declaration


You travel to Grodno by car.


Have 10 000 by cash, or any monetary instruments in the documentary form.


You are going to Belarus with a cat, a dog or any other house animal


Without declaring is allowed to carry 3 liters of any alcohol.


With psychotropic and narcotic drugs.

Mass media

With any ideological content.


Works of art, cultural values


gas or stun guns, and the similar.

Must be filled out in english, belarusian or russian language.
Declaration in english - only for review

Tourists who travel by a own transport and fill customs declaration should cross the Belarusian border through the "red" customs channel, in both way when entering and leaving Belarus.

Filling should be a page 1, 2 of the main form, and in case of declaration of the money tourists must also complete pages 3 and 4.
For more information, please contact Customs of Belarus.

Migration card
the example of filled migration card

Are you going without visa to Belarus?

You do not need a migration card!

Show a example of filled migration card

Migration card the example of filled migration card
  • Part «A»

    will be taken from you on entrance to Belarus
  • Part «B»

    remains with you until you leave the country

Do not print the card! When you will come to border you'll be provided with a blank of Migration Card by Belarusian Border guards officer. Both parts of it must be filled.

You should keep part “B” of the migration card in safe place during the whole period of your stay in Belarus.

When leaving Belarus, if the tourist does not have the part «B» of the migration card, he faces a penalty.

Checkpoints on the border for visa-free entry
show on the map

Car border checkpoints are working round the clock. River crossing points are open only during the period from April 28 till October 1st, 8:00-20:00 (belarusian time GMT+3).