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All Belarus for citizens of Lithuania, Latvia, Poland

Rules for visa-free entry to Belarus until 31.12.2024

only for citizens of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia (and non-citizens of Latvia)

Visa-free region

It is allowed to travel throughout Belarus.

Border crossing rules

  • Citizens of Lithuania and Latvia must cross the border from/to Lithuania or Latvia.
  • Polish citizens can cross in any EU checkpoints (entry/departure).

What if a Lithuanian wants to go to Poland?
It is necessary to buy visa-free documents.
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Allowed period

The number of trips to Belarus is not limited, but the total number of days of stay should not exceed 90 days.

A continuous journey lasting longer than 10 days (for Pole) or 30 days (for residents of Baltic states) requires mandatory registration in the police.

Documents for the trip

Every tourist, regardless of age, must have a valid passport and health insurance valid in Belarus.
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Other options for entering Belarus without visas

For each visa-free zone there are different rules and they can not be mixed up