Belarus visa free

There are 3 different visa-free regions

For each visa-free zone there are different rules and they can not be mixed up
A trip without a visa to Grodno does not entitle to a visa-free journey to Brest and vice versa!

How to get visa-free documents? – is a unique modern tourist online shop.

The service operates without holidays, during the day and at night.
You need just 5 minutes to receive visa-free documents.

What is better Bezviz (visa-free) or Visa?

Bezviz (visa-free)
does not apply to Minsk

You'll get visa-free permission in 5 minutes
The price with insurance only from 12 euros

Limited area
Up to 10 days of stay


Ability to see the whole of Belarus
Can stay up to 30 days

A lot of bureaucracy
Cost without insurance - over 25 euros

Staying in Belarus for more than 5 days requires checking in to the police. Not doing this, makes a penalty 200
Not applicable residents of Baltic states - they have the right to stay up to 30 days without checking in
P.S. A trip to Belarus must be a pleasure! This is why we provide visa-free documents for stays only up to 5 days (for residents of Baltic states up to 10)

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