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Visit Belarus without a visa

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President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko at the Belarusian flag background

You can visit Belarus without a visa

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko signed Decree № 318, that allows any foreign tourists to enter the Grodno City and part of it region without obtaining a belarusian visa.

Visa-free region is set only for the period from October 26, 2016 till December 31, 2017.

What You Should Know

Visa-free conditions

Visa-free region

The tourist can visit without a visa Grodno City, the Augustow Canal in Belarus, as well as part of the Grodno region.
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Border crossing rules

There is limited border checkpoints for visa free entrance, you need to fill a migration card and sometimes customs declaration
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Allowed period

Without a visa in Grodno region tourist can stay up to 5 days.

Documents for the trip

Tourist must have documents for entry and keep them until leave Belarus.
What you need for a trip to Grodno

Must have for Grodno

Documents required for entry without a visa to Belarus

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Identity document, valid for travel for 3 months beyond the holder’s come.

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Each tourist must have for everyday of the trip minimum in any currency ~20

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Health insurance policy valid in Belarus. Get it online with your permission!

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Instead a visa, tourist have to get a permit to enter and stay in the Grodno region.

Order visa-free entry

Get a permission in 5 minutes! Minimum complication, maximum Grodno.

Buy an entry permit to Grodno region

Only letters, numbers, spaces, and the sign "-", example:Roman
Only letters, numbers, spaces, and the sign "-"
Only letters and numbers
all fields are required

12 - price for 1 tourist
11 - price for 4 or more tourists (for each).
10 - price for 20 or more tourists (for each).

Why do I need the visa-free permission and how to get it?
The permit must be bought at least a day before traveling.

Enjoy Grodno

The city with the old beautiful history, nice people and political system, different than in neighboring countries.

Time in Belarus

Exchange in Belarus

1 BYN = 0.42 = 1.79 pln

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